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Alexandre F.
Front-end UX Engineer
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Front-End Developer with nine years of experience specializing in JavaScript (ES6), including substantial work with Angular (versions 2 through 16), Typescript, and CSS/Less/Sass, focusing on flexible and grid-based layouts, performance optimization, and animations. Proficient in RxJs and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and well-versed in various design patterns such as singleton, factory, builder, strategy, facade, shell, and observer. Demonstrates solid understanding of the SOLID principles, REST APIs, SQL programming languages, and version control systems like Git. Skilled in unit testing frameworks, including Jasmine and Jest, and familiar with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Material Design. Operates within Scrum/Agile methodologies with a strong emphasis on UI/UX best practices. Additional experience includes MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, NgRx state management, GraphQL data query language, and Docker containerization. Holds a leadership role as a tech lead for the past three years, overseeing a team of front-end developers, managing tasks, and conducting code reviews. Former career includes over 11 years as a Designer/Project Manager in digital agencies.