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Inael R.
Full-stack Product Engineer

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Back-end Developer with over a decade of expertise in web development, specializing in Java, .NET C#, Angular, and JavaScript. Proficient in Spring Core, Security, MVC, and Spring Boot frameworks. Demonstrates extensive experience in creating and managing REST APIs, and effectively utilizes version control systems like GIT and SVN. Skilled in implementing Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration practices, with a solid understanding of microservices-oriented architecture. Familiar with deployment and operational tools such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, Maven, and Sonar. Possesses strong capabilities in database management systems including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL, with extensive use of JPA/Hibernate for ORM. In-depth knowledge of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) concepts, and expertise in mobile device development strategies. Adept in applying Design Patterns and identifying anti-patterns within software development processes.