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Luan Y.
Data Analyst
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With over three years of experience as a Data Analyst and Data Scientist, expertise includes data extraction, processing, and applying data-driven insights to business intelligence and data science projects. Proficiency in SQL, Python, and PySpark facilitates effective work with Databricks, Snowflake, and AWS. Capabilities extend to data visualization using Power BI, Tableau, Data Studio, and Excel.

Education includes a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and an IBM professional certificate in Data Analysis, complemented by ongoing postgraduate studies in Data Science and Big Data. Background includes specialized experience in Business Intelligence, particularly focusing on Fraud Prevention and Money Laundering, and familiarity with project management tools such as Jira and Trello. Additional skills include process automation through custom Python scripts.

The goal is to leverage analysis and data science expertise to comprehend organizational requirements, providing insights that enhance decision-making processes and drive growth.