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Rubem A.
Full-stack Product Engineer
Microsoft Sql Server

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Initiator of Minijobs, a venture focused on the development of innovative projects, with a particular interest in working on challenging initiatives outside the scope of conventional corporate tasks. A notable project underway is Alertap, currently in the incubation stage at the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo. This project aims to develop a device that utilizes Bluetooth technology to send emergency alerts via an app when activated. The system comprises a microcontroller, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 for energy-efficient connectivity, a vibration motor, and sensors including an accelerometer and gyro to detect potential crashes and trigger automatic notifications. The supporting application employs Google's Flutter framework and Firebase for optimized mobile performance. Backend services are efficiently managed through a REST API constructed with Node.js and MongoDB, operating within a Docker container environment on Azure. This endeavor exemplifies a commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to address real-world challenges.