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André L.
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Full Stack Developer with six years of experience focusing on the development and maintenance of comprehensive web applications, utilizing a diverse range of technologies including JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, various relational databases, and cloud services. Expertise includes both front-end and back-end development, leveraging frameworks and libraries such as React.js, React Native, Vue.js, and PHP. Proficient in the entire software development lifecycle, from requirement gathering to documentation updates, activity refinement, and conceptualizing web system functionalities. Skilled in the development of websites and web systems, including API integration, and adept at executing version control deployment in production environments. Conducts thorough code reviews through pull requests and adheres to best development practices, such as unit and integration testing, clean coding standards, and design patterns to ensure high-quality deliveries.

Key competencies include proficiency in English, autonomy in development tasks, strong communication skills, teamwork, knowledge sharing, problem-solving aptitude, and effective time management. Demonstrates a commitment to self-learning, emotional intelligence, and overall dedication to excellence.

Technical proficiencies include programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and PHP. Familiar with front-end development tools and technologies including React, Vue.js, Next.js, React Native, Angular.js, Laravel, Svelte, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery, and SEO strategies. Backend development competencies encompass Node.js, Microservices, AWS Cloud, Object-Oriented Programming, algorithms, data structures, and messaging services such as RabbitMQ. Proficient in Event-Driven Architecture, System Design, and web development with PHP systems, along with a deep knowledge of databases like MySQL, MariaDB, SQL, and PostgreSQL. Exemplifies expertise in code quality assurance through rigorous code reviews, unit and integration testing, A/B testing, Feature Flag, design patterns, and SOLID principles. Experience with CI/CD environments and tools such as Docker, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins, and skilled in mobile front-end application development on the Android platform using Android Studio.