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Full-stack Product Engineer
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Senior Developer and Tech Lead with a specialization in front-end development using Angular 2+ and Java Spring, and a focus on projects within the banking sector, specifically implementing Open Finance PIX payment systems and payment management. Proficient in managing projects from conception to deployment, encompassing coding, code review, planning, and technical refinement. Adept at supporting teams and identifying cost-effective technical solutions to achieve project goals. Back-end development experience includes Java Spring for implementation and fixes, with a solid understanding of back-end processes to work synergistically with teams in devising optimal solutions.

Expertise includes Angular 2+, AngularJS, Flutter, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, and Micro Front-End development. Proficient in RXJS techniques such as lazy loading and eager loading, as well as the use of directives, pipes, smart/dumb components, interceptors, resolvers, and route guards. Skilled in package management with NPM and unit testing with Jasmine and Jest. Experienced with various technologies such as Jira, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Azure, Fortify, Sonarqube, Advisor, and CI/CD pipelines using Kubernetes. Knowledgeable in responsive design, accessibility practices, Git, REST APIs, Kafka, and Azure Service Bus, alongside familiarity with cloud computing environments.

Possesses strong soft skills, including remote work proficiency, agility in adopting methodologies, collaborative efforts across multidisciplinary teams, and an adaptable nature ensuring seamless integration into various working environments.